OPERATION: Stand Up to Tyranny
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JOIN our Coalition to raise money for, organize, and empower American Business Owners, Churches and Citizens to Stand Up to Tyranny - And WIN!


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What we're dealing with

  • ​Good, hard-working American citizens, business owners, Churches and church owners, like Ian Smith who owns the Atilis Gym in New Jersey, are getting their businesses, churches, lives, and livelihoods destroyed by out of control tyrannical Governors and Mayors under the guise of "COVID restrictions."
  • ​Our representatives are making it nearly impossible for businesses and churches to survive through this period, as they continue ordering more lockdowns, harsher restrictions, and threaten massive fines, arrests, and business closures if they don't comply. 
  • ​Healthy citizens are being forced to wear uncomfortable masks everywhere now, making it difficulty to breathe and causing more health problems for those of us who are healthy. 
  • ​All of these restrictions, arrests, and orders are tyrannical and unconstitutional - and we must fight back before all of this becomes the "New Normal!"

Our Mission & Goals

  • ​​We are raising money, and building a national coalition and movement of freedom-loving Americans so that we can stand up and fight back to tyrannical "COVID orders" and take our country, jobs, and freedoms back.
  • Only a few brave people dare to stand up to the tyrants because most people are afraid of losing their businesses or livelihoods, or they don't have the tools or financial resources to fight back and win. Since there are only a few people who fight back, this emboldens the tyrants even more to continue issuing harsher and more abusive restrictions. We need to change this.
  • ​The only way to truly fight back against this and win is by creating a massive movement of Americans who will all resist these orders, in unison. ​But in order to do that they also must be armed with the knowledge of what exactly their rights are and how exactly to fight back, and are equipped with the tools and financial resources to win their case. There is power in numbers. 
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